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Security Policy

In order to guarantee the integrity of your accounts, the systems of Affinity Financial Corporation and Sky Bank incorporate the highest level of protection currently available. All of the customer deposits are FDIC insured up to an aggregate of $100,000 by a Participating Bank; no individual has suffered a loss from a FDIC insured account since the agency's creation in 1933. Our online banking system provides stringent security measures at a variety of levels beginning with your computer.

  • In order to apply for or access your accounts, we require that you use an Internet browser equipped with the highest available 128-bit SSL encryption technology to prevent information passing between us from being intercepted.

  • We also use digital ID's from Verisign so that you can rest assured that when you log on, you are in fact communicating with us.

  • Account access is protected by a password known only to you. Strings of eight alpha-numeric characters are employed; making it extremely unlikely that your password can be guessed randomly.

  • Online banking sessions are closely monitored to deny unauthorized persons access to your account. If your session shows ten minutes of inactivity, you are automatically logged off our secure server. More than three successive attempts to log onto your account with an incorrect password will cause us to deny service to that terminal until you contact us. All account activity is constantly logged and monitored for suspicious activity.

  • The computers storing your account information are well protected from the Internet by several layers of security including cutting edge firewall and filtering router technology. These specialized computers rigorously control and validate all incoming data and requests before initiating action with the bank's internal servers.

One of the Banking Center’s primary objectives is to provide the highest level of security available to its customers. To this end, we are constantly testing and evaluating our current implementation and will move quickly to incorporate new technology that has proven to elevate the level of security we can offer our customers. While we will do everything we can in this regard, there are certain guidelines you must follow to ensure that your account is not compromised.

  • Keep your password completely confidential. Avoid writing it down. Do not reveal it to anyone. Remember that no Bank employee will ever ask you for it.

  • Do not leave your PC unattended while you are accessing your account. When you are finished, be sure to log off.

  • Keep your computer free of viruses or unwanted programs that might record your activities on your computer or otherwise disrupt your online activity.

The Banking Center’s greatest desire is that you feel safe and comfortable at all times when using your Bank account. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at or telephone us toll free at 877-468-7265, between Monday thru Friday 7AM - 11PM ET and Saturday thru Sunday 8AM - 11PM ET.

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All deposit products offered through this Banking Center will be opened through Sky Bank. All deposit products and deposit processing services are provided by Sky Bank. The deposit products are FDIC insured by one of the participating financial institutions, to the full extent of the law.

Sky Bank is not affiliated with nor has any liability for the third party
products and services offered on ELoan, First USA, and Answer Financial.